Borneo Holidays: An Adventure Waiting to Happen

Are you tired of your desk job and the constant monotony of your daily life? Did last year’s holiday not bring you the relaxation and fun it promised to bring? Your holiday troubles are long gone the moment you choose to book Borneo holidays for you and your loved ones. The island of Borneo is beautiful and full of fantastic culture no matter where you find yourself within its border. Its breathtaking scenery and friendly locals aside, there are nonstop attractions available right now in order to take your holiday to an entirely new level of fun and relaxation.

Why You Should Book Borneo Holidays

Borneo is an island saturated in culture and amazing wildlife. The last wild orangutans are located in Northern Borneo and can be seen at the world renowned Sepilok Forest Reserve in the State of Sabah. There is nothing quite so brilliant as the “Wildman of Borneo” seen up close and personal. These majestic creatures are absolutely stunning to behold in their natural habitat, and your loved ones will be struck with a sense of wonder and inspiration from the experience.

Borneo holidays are packed from day one with scenery straight out of a Tolkien novel. The Bako National Park, established in 1957, is filled with an enormous range of rain forest wildlife, jungle streams, roaring waterfalls, and secluded beaches and trekking trails for your family to discover and enjoy. How often can a holiday send you home with thousands of photos taken of animals many only view through their TVs?

Various opportunities for ocean and dive lovers are available around the entire island. Just off the west shore of Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, for example, are five beautiful islands fringed with white, crystalline beaches and the clean waters of the South China Sea. Just off shore, exotic corals, sponges, and bountiful marine life fill the ocean floor with vibrant colors and life. These underwater landscapes are easily accessed, and each of the five islands is ensured to come with an adventure as fantastic as the one before it.

Never Let Your Holidays Fall Short Again

With its yearly festivals, including the unrivaled wonder that is the Borneo International Kite Festival, there are many reasons to book Borneo holidays without delay. Your family will thank you for the brilliant adventure and introduction to so much rich culture and landscapes. Turn away from the usual haunts that are packed with like-minded tourists and stressful traffic jams and turn towards a brand new world. Go online right now in order to research into booking your next holiday!

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