Take a Cruise to Get an Interesting View and Enjoyable Tour of Chicago

by | Dec 14, 2021 | Boat Rental Service

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Visitors to Chicago can enter the skyscrapers of the Windy City and obtain marvelous views from great heights, such as the 360-degree view in what is called the Tilt in the John Hancock Building. Or they can ride on a tour around the city in the daytime or take a spectacular night boat cruise of Chicago. Tourists can also enjoy various boat tours during the day.

Tours on Chicago’s Lake

On Lake Michigan, there are marvelous boat tours. There are cruises during the day and in the evening. These trips are conducted by guides who examine the city’s architectural history and other interesting points. The vessels involved in these cruises are conducted by captains and crews who are U.S. Coast Guard-licensed. Cruise lines permit passengers to get a close look at Chicago’s newer marvels, historical landmarks, architecture, and breathtaking skyline. along with the provided sightseeing that is enjoyable and varied, special-themed cruises and tours are available for all ages.

Special Trips

One of the special trips is the Night Boat Cruise Chicago. Passengers can view the beauty of Chicago’s skyline as they glide on the Chicago River and Lake Michigan while the waters glow and sparkle from the city’s lights at night. One tour takes passengers on the Chicago River and through the locks to enter Lake Michigan and view the skyline while listening to the narration of the informed and entertaining tour guides.

Urban daytime and evening cruises are available, as is a 3D Fireworks Cruise. On summer weekends there is even a Canine Cruise. The evening cruise of Chicago is an interesting and comfortable way during the summer to take in some of the wonders of the Windy City. One cruise line that offers enjoyable day and nighttime Chicago River and Lake Michigan Cruises for visitors, returning them happily and safely onshore, is Mercury Cruises.


Mercury, Chicago’s Skyline Cruiseline, or an interesting and delightful journey!