Tips to Help You Organize a Youth Group Ski Trip to Colorado

by | Jan 22, 2014 | Travels & Tours

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Archives logoYouth groups are a great way for kids and teens to fellowship with another in a safe environment with responsible leadership. Most youth groups try to plan fun trips for the kids to enjoy at least once a year or every other year.  Colorado group ski trip packages are becoming popular with church youth groups who want to provide unique experiences for their kids. To simplify the process of booking one of these trips, there are agencies that specialize in working with large groups to plan ski trips. By letting professional organizers get your trip ready, you can focus on the smaller details of preparing to travel with teenagers.

Planning the Details

One of the main things you will need on file is a permission slip allowing you to travel with each child. Most parents encourage their children to attend youth group trips, and you may even have a few parents who want to volunteer to go on the trip to help chaperone. Before researching the best Colorado group ski trip packages, make sure you know exactly how many parents will want to attend before making any reservations. This helps keep the costs low and doesn’t leave a parent trying to pay higher rates for an individual reservation.

When you book, you will need to decide if you want meals included in the cost or if each person is responsible for their own food costs on the trip. It’s often easiest to include breakfast and dinner as part of the trip costs and let everyone decide what to do about lunch.


The next step is to plan an itinerary. Most youth groups stay together, or break apart into two groups if the group is large. You need to include time on your itinerary for the group to be fitted for any equipment rentals such as skis and helmets, and also for any instructional lessons. When you book Colorado group ski trip packages, you can tell your travel agent if you’re interested in just skiing or if you want to also plan for snowboarding or tubing. Since you’re a church youth group, you may want to schedule an hour or two for fellowship. Many lodges and hotels have meeting rooms and will happily accommodate your group by reserving the room.

Planning a youth ski trip is fun because it’s often a once-in-a-lifetime adventure for many kids. With so many different Colorado group ski trip packages available, you should be able to find one that not only accommodates your group but everyone’s budget, too.

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