Why I Should Send My Kids to Summer Day Camp

by | Jan 15, 2018 | Summer Camp

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If you are concerned about sending your children to camp, but believe it might be an excellent experience for them, you are hardly in the minority. Many parents don’t like to send their kids off without them, even if the destination isn’t a sleepaway camp. A day camp is a happy medium that many people find fits their needs in the best way. Your kiddos can head off to have adventures during the day but come home at night for a nice meal and to sleep in their own beds.

While your child is in camp, there are many things that can happen…

Your child will learn to develop independence being away from you for a large part of the day. This can lead to higher self-esteem and feelings of self-worth. Your child may miss you during the day, but they will be growing and learning as little people, which sets the stage for later parts of life.

At camp, your child will get memories that can last a lifetime. Adventures, stories, jokes, and good old-fashioned dirt will fill their days while they make new friends and get in touch with new mentors. While it might seem as if your child could make those same memories at home, the ability to meet people of all sorts and learn more about diversity is a huge part of day camp.

Tired of your child sitting around on their tablet or staring at Netflix for hours on end? Camp is an answer. You’ll get your children unplugged for the majority of the day, which can make them active and allow their imagination to run wild. Meeting other children and adults face-to-face is a positive experience that most children could do with more of.

Camp will also give your children the chance to learn how to build friendships and keep those friends. Bonding at a camp is different from other bonding because experiencing life and activities together can lead to a strong friendship. They will have a chance to get to know people in a way they may not at school or on sports teams.

For those in New Jersey looking for a great camp to send the kids to this summer should take a look at Black Bear Lake. This camp has room for everyone from the pre-K tots to the teens up to tenth grade level. Find out more and ask any questions by calling 609-259-1777.

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