A Chicago River Tour Is the Perfect Choice for Your Next Corporate Event

by | Jan 22, 2024 | Cruise Agency

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Chicago is one of the top business hubs in America. Its convenient location in the middle of the country makes it a great meeting spot for national brands to come together. Elevate your next corporate event by arranging for a private Chicago river tour.

Why a Chicago River Tour


Chicago has a stunning skyline. You’ll get the opportunity to experience the skyscrapers both up close and from a distance for an immersive experience that showcases many of the landmarks the city has to offer. The scenery is certainly an upgrade from the standard event venues. You can choose to take a day tour or a night tour, depending on your schedule.

High Class Amenities

Your tour will take place on a modern watercraft that includes elements of luxury, style, and comfort. There are covered areas in case of unexpected weather, and there’s outdoor seating, too. You will have access to restroom facilities as well as a well-stocked bar and snack station. For an additional bit of luxury, you can schedule a private tour that includes food from one of our approved caterers.

Marketing Opportunities

Announce information about the river tour on social media and your mass email campaigns to make people aware of the event. While on the river tour, use the opportunity to take as many pictures as possible. Post pictures and videos for clients and potentially employees to enjoy. You may generate interest in your brand with the fun dynamic and great pictures.

Schedule your Chicago River tour on Chicago’s First Lady by contacting today.