Climbing Kilimanjaro: A Once in a Lifetime Experience

by | Jun 17, 2016 | Travels & Tours

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Many who think that they want to organize a trip with climbing Kilimanjaro have a conquering spirit. They want to do what many see as daunting and what some see as improbable or even impossible.  People have been climbing Kilimanjaro for a long time. The first recorded climb was in 1889 but perhaps locals climbed for many years before that.  If you are someone who wants to achieve this very robust goal, here are some things to keep in mind:


People of all walks of life have completed this successfully. Wealthy, locals who are very poor, and everything in between. There are trips to organize climbing Kilimanjaro expeditions available for a fee. A tour guide puts together a group to work together to achieve the goal of climbing Kilimanjaro based on a planned route.

Being in good health is important. There are a lot of things to contend with: sore muscles, harsh weather conditions, air sickness, the list goes on. Ensuring you have a good bill of health and are equipped to handle a lot of strenuous activity for anywhere from 4-10 days (depending on the length of your planned trek) is important before embarking on this challenge.

The right shoes, headwear, gloves, the right clothing, an equipped day pack, and a porter to carry suitable items for camp are all important and the right equipment isn’t just important from a comfort standpoint but also a safety standpoint, too.

Traveling with a Group: The Right Group

Some solo climbers carry all of their own gear but this is typically the case for someone who is very well-versed in climbing. Unless you are a very experienced mountaineer, it’s typically recommended that you do your Kili climb with a tour group that has an established and proven track record.

If you’re climbing Kilimanjaro in the near future, good luck preparing for the adventure of a lifetime. You’ll never forget this experience!