Double Decker Bus Tours: A New York City Tradition

by | Mar 27, 2014 | Travel and Tourism

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People have been riding around in double decker buses for decades.  However, there are still some cities that believe in the innovation and updating of such historic modes of travel and tourism.  This is true for the employees of double decker bus tours within New York City.  These double decker vehicles are not the originals—they are much better.  With better comfort, safety and reliability, speed and smoothness, and more, these double decker buses can offer tours that are definitely a part of a tradition—but also updated to the pleasant surprise of NYC tourists.

Turn on Your Headset!
Double decker bus tours can be difficult to hear if the guide is simply shouting out information to his or her eager travelers.  This is so difficult because with the two floors, it is impossible to hear what a person may be saying from another floor or even just across the aisle way.  The loud and busy streets of New York City do nothing to help this, even though the sounds are exciting if you listen to them.  This is why many bus tours feature headsets to put on your ears in order to receive information you desire in the best manner possible.  Gone are the days where you strain to hear a fact you were particularly interested in.  These headsets have volume adjustments and can even be language specific if you native or preferred language is not English. And because NYC is such an internationally famous area, and a melting pot of races and cultures, you can expect many options for language specifications.

Question Away!
This may make it seem as though you will not be able to ask questions along the way.  This assumption is not correct, however, because during and after the ride there oftentimes tour employees and ambassadors available on the vehicle ready to take care of your needs, wants, and questions.  Want the best answers?—Ask for a local, or at least someone who has been in New York City for a while.  You will get the best understanding of the awe-inspiring New York City if you get information right from the source – from someone who has experienced it!

For a reliable and entertaining double decker bus tour, book with Skyline Sightseeing.  This innovative touring company also has brand ambassadors available to handle any of your questions or concerns.