How Easy Is It To Find Used Motorhomes In Phoenix, Arizona?

by | Apr 9, 2014 | Transportation

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In a place like Phoenix; which has plenty of open countryside to be explored just beyond the suburbs around the city; it should be relatively easy to pick up a used motorhome. However, your search could be made much easier if you have a full grasp of the terminology and jargon involved.

What Is A Motorhome?

Basically a motorized vehicle that can provide at least some of the comforts of home for the passengers travelling in it; could be described as a motorhome and that is the name that the Brits usually use; whereas, here in the States; we tend to use the term Recreational Vehicle (RV). So instead of searching for used motorhomes In Phoenix, Arizona; you would be better advised to search out RV dealerships in Phoenix.

How Many Home Comforts Do You Want?

Imported “motorhomes” were once popular and the basic Volkswagen “hippy van” microbus; fitted out with a couple of beds and, maybe, some very basic cooking facilities (a gas burner for example) were fine for taking short outings into the Sonoran Desert to look at the giant saguaro cacti and whatever examples of wildlife cross your path. You could then finish of the day with a campfire party before grabbing a night’s sleep in the back of the microbus. The next morning you would drive it back to Phoenix and return to real home comforts.

To be fair to Volkswagen; they did also produce more comfortable “mobile homes” such as their Westfalia Campers or Eurovan Motorhomes. However, even with the additional facilities; these were still more for shorter journeys without too many nights actually sleeping in them.

I Want A Motorhome That Is Nearly A Replica Of My House

In which case, you probably do not want to buy any of the used motorhomes in Phoenix; or anywhere else for that matter. Think about size – to fit a lot of home comfort into any vehicle; you need a really big vehicle and, in the US, a motorhome is, at best, a medium sized vehicle.

Winnebago is probably our best known brand of “mobile home”; but we usually refer to them as RV’s and, generally speaking, all RV’s range from big to huge in size and can be fitted out to provide nearly all the comfort facilities you have at your house. You may not find many used motorhomes in Phoenix; but you should easily find a good selection of used RV’s.

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