How to Banish Boredom on Flights to South Africa

by | Jan 15, 2019 | Travel Agency

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Flights to South Africa will take around 12 hours if travelling from Sydney over to Johannesburg, varying if we travel to or from other airports. It’s a long journey, one filled with boredom for many passengers.

However, while there are lots of familiar ways to pass the time while flying, some are better than others, particularly if you’re a nervous flyer.

Pack A New Novel

The longer, the better. A 200-page novel can easily be finished on a long flight. We should take the time to look for something by a favoured novelist or simply something that appeals to us that we’ve always wanted to read. An alternative is to get the audiobook version. This means we can wear headphones and shut out much of the noise around us too.

Download A Game To Play

There are many free apps offering games that captivate the imagination and pass the time. Candy Crush is one of the most successful ever and would be ideal on long flights to South Africa. We could also choose puzzle games, mysteries, and other challenging games that make us forget our surroundings.

Say Hi

If travelling alone, it can be even harder to pass the time on flights to South Africa. But we always have the person (or people) sitting next to us to chat to. We don’t need to talk for the whole flight, but it’s true that all friends were once strangers. The person we sit next to could be a new friend or just someone to pass some time with while we fly.

The trick is to make sure we adopt a mixed approach to beating boredom. By switching between different things – playing games, reading a book, and so on – the time will always go far more quickly.