Must See Places On Day Charters From St. John, USVI

by | Feb 26, 2016 | Travels & Tours

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Taking any one of the day charters from St. John, USVI is a great way to spend some time on the water even if you only are in the islands for a short period of time. Day charters are a great option for someone not sure if a charter is right for them, as it gives you a full day of being on the boat, but also doesn’t commit you and your party to an extended period of time.

There are some amazing options when taking day charters from St. John, USVI. With so much to see and do in a very short distance by water, you can pack a lot of options and opportunities into your time on the yacht.

With all the beautiful beaches on St. John, it may be hard to decide just where to go. Talking in advance with the captain and staff of the charter company will help you to narrow down your choices and create an itinerary that is perfect for what you enjoy.

Waterlemon Cay
Waterlemon Cay, which is accessible by water easily but requires a hike from Leinster Bay if you are trying to get to it by land, is a beautiful beach area. It is remote enough that you can often find you are the only people in the area, which is a great option for a romantic day on the beach or a perfect time for families.

There is top snorkeling in the around the cay, and this is a must see location for those that enjoy nature and the natural beauty of the USVI.

Lovango Cay
Lovango Cay is a wonderful place to visit that is full of opportunities for swimming, snorkeling and just traveling around the island. This is a beautiful location that is just about a mile and half from St. John, specifically from the Cruz Bay area.

This is a great island to visit to see amazing birds and natural vegetation. The island is also home to wild goats which roam freely across the island.

Carvelle Rock
While you may not find Carvelle Rock as a top beach in the area this 2 acre rock islet, which is completely uninhabited, a is a top scuba diving site. Accessible only by day charters from St. John, USVI, this is a very different look compared to other areas in the area, and the sheer cliffs and the rugged rocks are a great background for some amazing photos that are unique to this area.