Rocky Mountain National Parks Cabins: Where To Stay In Grand Lake

by | Apr 21, 2016 | Travel and vacations

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The time has arrived. You are finally able to make it out for a visit to Colorado. It has been months in the planning. Today, you are working on where to stay. Camping is out. You want to stay indoors. The question you need to ask yourself is where. If you plan to visit the Rocky Mountain National Park, cabins in Grand Lake are an excellent choice.

What Is a Cabin?

The term “cabin” has changed over the past century. At one point, the word cabin described a specific architectural style. Its design was simple. Logs comprised the basic on-story construction material. Originally, all joint work was accomplished without nails.

Today, if you talk about cabins, reference is no longer to a structure that is simple, consisting of one story or maybe one-and-a- half-story. The term applies to almost any vacation home – more often to one associated with the woods, on a lake or in the mountains. Sometimes, the term “cottage” is synonymous with cabin.

Overall, today’s cabins are log homes. While many are still rustic in appearance, they have abandoned the older concepts behind. In general, when you rent a cabin today, it comes complete with all the 20th or 21st century amenities we have come to accept as part of our lives. Many have television reception and, of course Wi-Fi access.

Such additional conveniences or facilities make cabins extremely comfortable. For those who do not want to live in a tent, these are ideal. At the same time, many of the Rocky Mountain National Park cabins in Grand Lake and other communities still provide their guest with the privacy and quite lacking in many hotels.

Grand Lake Cabins

Cabins are available in Grand Lake. Staying here will allow you easy access to Rocky Mountain National Park. At the same time, you can enjoy everything the town has to offer. From special annual events to the daily pleasure of recreational activities, Grand Lake has it all. Combine this with excellent restaurants, the Rocky Mountain Repertory Theatre, the many shops on the old Grand Avenue Boardwalk as well as the Kauffman House Museum on Pitkin Street and Lake Avenue in downtown Grand Lake.

Rocky Mountain National Park Cabins

If you are looking for a place to stay in Colorado near the mountains, you have a wide selection. Cabins offer you a chance to enjoy the natural wonders of the state, particularly if you plan to visit the mountains and their parks. Grand Lake is close to Rocky Mountain National Park. Cabins here are always ready to greet visitors. During the peak season, you need to book well in advance. A list of various accommodations is available on online sites, including that of the Grand Lake Chamber.