Save Time and Possibly Money with NYC Airport Transfers by Helicopter

by | Aug 20, 2014 | General

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Anyone who has ever taken a flight into NYC and then had to transfer to another airport understands the problems associated with these types of transfers—Time. Time is a big deal to everyone. People are always running out of it, it seems. Taking a trip to NYC or through New York to another area can take an entire day or more, just to get into the airport and then get transferred to the connecting flight. However, using a helicopter is an excellent way to save time.

Saving Time

Sometimes when booking a flight with a connecting flight, you must jump through hoops to get a connecting flight. This happens to many people and can be upsetting and scary. It is worrisome to think that you might miss your flight to start a vacation or go on a business trip because you had it planned. It will usually wreck all your other plans, as well, which can cause even more stress.

This happens frequently, especially with large airports or those located in a huge city, such as NYC. In essence, the airplane should arrive on time. However, things must consistently be checked and safety ensured, so in some cases, the plane may be delayed. When this happens, you have little time to get to your next flight out of the city. Sometimes, your next flight is in the same building, making you run. This is aggravating, but there isn’t much you can do.

However, if your next flight is at another airport and you only have half an hour (sometimes less,) you may begin to fret. In these cases, it would be better to use a helicopter for your airport transfers. There will be no traffic in the sky, so you won’t be worried about accidents or high traffic and a helicopter ride from one airport in NYC to the next will usually only take 12-15 minutes.

Even if you cannot stow luggage from one flight to the next (or have it sent directly to your end destination,) you can take baggage with you on the helicopter, though there are limits.

Saving Money

If you take a lot of trips for business that require a lot of connecting flights, consider using airport transfers by helicopter. Your manager or CEO may also want to consider using one company for all connecting flight transfer, saving the company more money.