The Different Types Kerala Honeymoon Tour Packages

by | May 9, 2013 | Travel and vacations

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A honeymoon spent in Kerala will be an unforgettable holistic experience, with delightful opportunities for the couple to explore one another in body, mind and soul. This uninhibited approach will ensure that the couple builds the right foundation to achieve a harmonious and balanced relationship with each other when they resume their normal lifestyle. If you are planning for your honeymoon in Kerala consider the different Kerala honeymoon tour packages available.

In Kerala there are plenty of adventures to go on, with a variety of fun and romantic activities to engage in. From touring the back waters, on to the hilly stations of Munnar, through to the green and serene tree plantations and down to the scenic coastal lines of Kovalam, a moment will never pass by without something to do. While every couple is unique in tastes, preferences and their quest for adventure, your Kerala experience should be customized to cater for your needs.

When inquiring of the different honeymoon packages in Kerala, there are factors that will determine the type of package you settle on. Identify the number of days you wish to go on your trip. A rough idea on the duration of your stay will guide you on the type of offers and packages that you should be settling for.

If you have a short honeymoon stay, then Kerala honeymoon tour packages should allow you to enjoy its beauty and culture without missing out on the experience. Activities like visiting rubber and spice plantations, candle lit dinners and picnics close to the lovely waterfalls will give the couple a chance to make the most out their romantic getaway.

If you have more time, then a Kerala honeymoon tour packages can include wide array of different activities to choose from. From health treatments such as full body Ayurveda massages and yoga sessions, cruises on the houseboat to the hilly stations of Munnar and beach sight-seeing to popular areas such as Kovalam.

A longer stay will provide the newlywed couple with the opportunity to visit a different resort altogether, meet and interact with the native people and also enjoy a visit to the wild life reserve.

Whichever tour package that you decide on will be fundamentally determined by your budget and expectation. However regardless of the duration of your stay, ensure that you settle on a package that provides you with a complete and comprehensive experience of the beautiful Kerala.

Whichever Kerala honeymoon tour package that you decide on will be fundamentally determined by your budget and expectation. For best deals, approach


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