Top 4 Reasons to Choose a Helicopter Airport Transfer

by | Feb 26, 2014 | General

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If you are traveling to the New York City area and looking for a solid way to get from the airport to Manhattan, you might want to consider hiring a helicopter. Though there are a number of ways that you can choose for an airport transfer in NYC, one of the best ways to do it is via helicopter. Here are the top 4 reasons that a helicopter airport transfer in NYC is recommended:

1 – You Don’t Want to Take Chances

One of the reasons you should choose a helicopter transfer over other transfers is that you don’t want to take a chance with New York City traffic. Traffic can be a big problem in NYC and if you are relying on getting to your destination at a certain time, odds are not in your favor if you take a car, cab or van transport. With a helicopter, however, you will be at your heliport within 12 minutes, no matter what airport you are leaving from.

2 – No Worries About Parking

Another issue that people find in NYC is parking. Even at the airport where they have room for parking, things can get very congested and time consuming. With a helicopter transfer, you won’t have to worry about either of those things.

3 – Short Travel Time

You will also find that you have a very short travel time when it comes to using a helicopter transfer from New York City airports including JFK, Newark and LaGuaria. As mentioned, at most, the travel time is about 12 minutes, but it can be even faster depending on where you are coming from and where you are going.

4 – Professional Customer Service

Finally, you will find that when you choose a helicopter transfer from New York City airports to the city, you will experience the highest level of customer service possible. This is important as the service you receive from these companies is far superior to other methods of transport like cabs or van shuttles. If you want to a stress free experience, this is the way to go.

As you can see, there are many great reasons to choose a NYC helicopter airport transfer when traveling to the area. Contact a company today to make your reservation.