Eight Reasons to Consider an Employee Rideshare Program

by | Jul 8, 2014 | Transportation

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An employee rideshare program can offer many benefits to both your company and your employees. Here are eight excellent reasons you should consider assisting employees with a rideshare program at your company:

1. Fighting Daily Commute: Although there are many cars on the highway leading into the city everyday with a single driver, many people would be relieved to learn there is a rideshare program available to lessen the strain of the daily drive. A long commute into work each day is very stressful on people and your employees would be grateful to learn there is another option to being the person behind the wheel everyday.

2. Multiple Options: Many people would be interested in an employee rideshare program if they had access to information and did not have to worry about trying to organize it on their own. There are many options you can present to staff via your human resources department including a rideshare program that provides vans with a 15 person capacity.

3. Free Training: Any member of your staff can participate in the program and will be happy to know they no longer have to face the daily drive in by car or by public transit. Vehicle training is included which means employees can learn how to drive and can take turns much like a car pool.

4. Maintenance: Employees will not have to worry about issues such as maintenance, insurance or training as it is all available with rideshare programs.

5. Emergency Service:  Many people who have heard of an employee rideshare program might be hesitant to participate in fear they will be stranded in case of an emergency. However these programs include emergency rides home in case of illness or troubles at home.

6. Environmentally Friendly: Many people concerned with the environment will be happy to participate knowing they are lessening greenhouse gas emissions and using less fossil fuels.

7. HOV Lanes: Rideshare drivers can use HOV lanes for an easier and quicker drive.

8. Reduced Costs: With rising costs of gas, car insurance and maintenance employees will appreciate participating in a program that will save them money.

Depending on your position you can offer to simply organize rideshare programs or subsidize them. Subsidizing them will have tax benefits for your company.

If you are interested in finding out more about an employee rideshare program for your staff Dart has been offering them to the Dallas area for many years. Visit for information.