Tips on Choosing Prom Limousine Service in Connecticut

by | Apr 25, 2014 | Transportation

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When looking for a prom limousine service in Connecticut, it is important to take many factors into consideration. First, a limo is almost a requirement anymore for prom to ensure that the kids get to and from the prom safely and have great memories of their last big party before the end of high school.

You will probably spend hours with your daughter trying on prom dresses, so you should consider many options when thinking of limos, as well. Make sure the limo company is professional and experienced. They should have a few years of experience under their belt so you know they are a legitimate company.

Talk with a few limo companies about their chauffeurs. Make sure that all chauffeurs have been driving limousines for at least a year and ask about any problems that have arisen in the past few years, such as accidents and vehicle troubles.

Next, make sure the Prom Limo Rentals & Services in Connecticut has plenty of vehicles available and ask what type of services they offer. It is usually best to reserve a limousine for prom night as early as possible, but make sure the limousine company offers some sort of guarantee that a vehicle will still be available. Remember, there are different types of limos available, such as stretch and different colors.

Whenever you call to hire a limo for the evening, you will want to know the total number of passengers; if there will be a lot of kids in the limo, you may need a stretch or other type of limo. You will also need to know the times for the limo driver. He will want to know when to pick the kids up and where, and will also need to know what time to arrive to take them back home. Some limo companies have a package rate for both pick-up and return, while others only reserve their vehicles by the hour. This should be considered.

Another thing to consider is that most limo companies have some sort of contract that’s required. This can be advantageous to you and the company. Make sure to read the contract carefully and make sure that the contract states that by signing and paying, you are guaranteed to have a limo on the night in question.